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Test name: eGFR
At a Glance

Also known as

Calculated Glomerular Filtration Rate; cGFR

Formal Name

Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate

Related tests

GFR measured by inulin clearance (see FAQ); Creatinine; Creatinine clearance; Microalbumin; Cystatin C; Urine protein; Beta-2 microglobulin


Were you looking for Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor, also known as EGFR?

Why get tested?

To assess kidney function

When to get tested?

When your doctor thinks that you may have kidney damage or that you may be at risk for developing it

Sample required

The eGFR is a calculated estimate of the actual glomerular filtration rate and is based on your serum creatinine concentration, which requires a blood sample from a vein in your arm; the recommended calculation uses a formula that also includes your age, gender, and race. Other formulas may also include height and weight.

Test Preparation

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