“Gamma-Dynacare is committed to giving back, and to helping ensure the growth of strong and healthy communities. To us, making a difference in the places where we live and work is a natural extension of our mission of: Providing Information. Impacting Lives. Caring for People.”

Naseem Somani
President and CEO

As one of Canada’s largest and most respected providers of laboratory services and solutions, we strive to be the best at what we do -- transforming laboratory information and services into solutions that improve health, wellness and the Canadian health care system.

Located in more than 75 communities across five provinces, we also strive to be good neighbours by being a positive force for change in people’s lives. Through our corporate giving, we support programs that promote health and wellness and help build strong communities.

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Making a Difference:  Gamma-Dynacare’s 2014 Lead Charity 

Lung disease impacts one in five Canadians. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the number one cause of hospitalization in Canada, asthma affects at least 13% of children and lung cancer kills more people than breast, ovarian, colon and prostate cancer combined.

“We are thrilled that Gamma-Dynacare employees chose to support The Lung Association as the Lead Charity for 2014,” said Dr. John Granton, Chair of The Lung Association’s Campaign for Lung Research. “Together, we will enable research that will lead to new discoveries and create the highest standards of treatment for those who are affected by chronic lung diseases in Canada.”

As one of Canada’s most respected and longest-serving health charities, The Lung Association is deeply committed to improving and saving the lives of people with lung disease. With lung disease on the rise, the importance of lung research has never been greater.

For more information on The Lung Association visit the Association’s Breathing as One Campaign for Lung Research website www.breathingasone.ca

Employee Involvement 

“Amongst our 2,000 employees, a community spirit is alive and thriving. Gamma-Dynacare wholeheartedly supports local initiatives, and encourages employees to be active in their individual neighbourhoods.”

Pierre Belanger
Vice-President, Human Resources and Talent Management

Our employees donate hundreds of hours of their own time, giving back to the communities where they live. Many also extend this good work past our Canadian borders, helping others across the globe. Collectively, their efforts help to assist the less fortunate, raise critical dollars for treatment and research into many of today’s deadliest diseases, and help mentor our youth.

 This culture of giving has allows Gamma-Dynacare to become partners with the communities we serve, as well as make the company a more rewarding place to work.

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Cytotechnologists donate time, expertise to help save lives in Peru

Imagine a place where women face one of the highest rates of death from cervical cancer in the world.  Add to that less than 30 per cent of its female population has access to life saving screening and medical interventions, and you have a precarious situation in the country of Peru.

Wanting to make a difference, Gamma-Dynacare cytotechnologists Sharon Tomas and Marylee Skurdelis answered a plea for help from the International Cervical Cancer Foundation (INCCA). There, the duo donated their skills and their vacation time to volunteer at the Cervi-Cusco Clinic in Cusco, which administers free Papanicolauo (Pap) tests to the women of central southeastern Peru.

“We saw it as an opportunity to do good work,” said Sharon. “Like all cancers, early detection and intervention are key.  Once the disease has progressed to an advanced stage, there is little that can be done to help.”

Before the clinic opened its doors, Sharon continued, many of the regional women had never had any access to preventative health care or cervical screening. Now, patients literally line up outside to be evaluated, sometimes travelling for hours just to get to the clinic.

“On or before the mission weeks, a clinical group of volunteer medical students and gynecologists goes up into the remote mountain villages to see patients. Sometimes these communities are nine or 10 hours away by bus, with women who would never have access to screening without the work of the clinic,” adds Marylee.

Sharon and Marylee’s group arrived in Peru in June of last year, one of four missions that all together included about 60 volunteer cytotechnologists, pathologists and clinicians, gynecologists, and medical students from the U.S. and Canada.  As cytotechnologists, their responsibilities included staining slides and screening conventional Paps for the clinic. Together, Sharon notes, their group screened more than 1,000 slides during the one week period they were there.

“It was certainly different than what we experience here in Canada. In Peru, if we deemed a slide to be negative, it was simply tossed into a large box.  There were fewer quality controls and health and safety controls in place for the laboratory work, something we now take for granted here,” says Sharon, adding that all things considered, the quality of the preparation and staining done at the clinic was very good, and it was great to see that patient care given such a high priority. 

The two, who were responsible for paying all their own expenses for the trip, including transportation, lodging and food, went a step further than just donating their time to help the women of Peru. Recognizing the opportunity to do further good, the pair reached out to their fellow co-workers and to Gamma-Dynacare to assist with the donation of necessities for the clinic, as well as hundreds of dollars of essentials for children in nearby isolated mountain schools.

“We were truly overwhelmed by the generosity of our colleagues, and of the organization. Everyone wanted to help,” says Marylee. “It was an amazing experience for us to be given that much support.  We can’t thank people enough for their interest and their enthusiasm.”

Combined with Gamma-Dynacare’s donation of unused microscopes, slides and other required supplies, this giving spirit from employees raised close to $1,300 in cash donations to purchase an additional 5,000 cover slides. The cost to ship the laboratory equipment to the clinic, they add, was paid for by Gamma-Dynacare. The remainder of the funds, says Sharon, was used locally to purchase books in Spanish and Quechua, as well as other much-needed supplies for schools in the isolated Andean villages. Two additional suitcases weighing over 110 pounds were used to carry all the donated clothing, shoes, hand soaps and art supplies, etc. to Cusco, Peru.

“We wanted to see more than just Cusco, so after our week at the clinic we did some sightseeing, including a trip up into the mountains to personally drop off some much-needed supplies at one of the area’s mountain schools,” adds Sharon.

The school, one of four in the area supported by the Willka T'ika Children’s Fund, runs a library, a hot lunch program, as well as courses teaching cultural trades such as weaving, pottery and organic farming.  Some of its 200 students, adds Marylee, walk for more than two hours each day just to attend.

With no publicly funded health care in the country, the Willka T'ika Children’s Fund also supports an emergency medical assistance fund. This fund, which provides emergency treatment to children who otherwise would receive no help, was the recipient of the remaining $550 that was raised by Sharon and Marylee prior to their departure.

“The whole trip was an amazing experience, one we would gladly repeat,” says Marylee, echoing Sharon’s thanks to their colleagues and to Gamma-Dynacare for their generous support.

Impacting Lives:  Our Community Outreach Program

“By providing valuable diagnostic information, we improve the quality of millions of lives each and every year. Through our Community Outreach program, Gamma-Dynacare is also committed to impacting lives by promoting health & wellness, and building stronger communities in Canada and abroad.”

Scott Hickey
Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Corporate Communications

At Gamma-Dynacare, we believe in connecting with our communities. Through our Community Outreach program, we are impacting lives through the support of local, national and international causes.

Our Community Outreach program focuses its support on projects, programs or campaigns that:

  • promote health & wellness, or help to build stronger communities;
  • directly benefit the community;
  • have the greatest positive impact;
  • are measureable in terms of success.

Preference will be given to those projects, programs or campaigns targeted to areas in which Gamma-Dynacare operates. However, we will consider organizations whose good works impact those in other Canadian communities, as well as abroad.

Applying for Funding

To apply for donations under the Community Outreach Program, please review the criteria below and then complete and submit our Donation Request Form (below).

On this form, you will be asked to provide information on the project, program or campaign you would like us to support. You will also be asked details about the primary contact, the organization requesting funding, as well as the amount of funds being requested. All applications must then be emailed to Gamma-Dynacare at DonationRequest@gamma-dynacare.com.

Requests for funds are carefully reviewed three times a year. The request turnaround time depends on the size and complexity of the request, as well as when it is submitted. A Gamma-Dynacare representative may follow up with you if more information is required.

Organizations receiving funding may be asked to provide a final report detailing the results and benefits achieved through the funded project, program or campaign.

Criteria to consider when applying for funding under our Community Outreach program:

  • In order to be eligible for funding, organizations must be a registered Canadian Charity.
  • Preference is given to those projects, programs or campaigns targeted to communities in which we operate.
  • While funding amounts vary, requests for more than $5,000 are not typically considered under this program.
  • Our Community Outreach program focuses its support on projects, programs or campaigns that:

             - promote health & wellness, or help build stronger communities;
             - directly benefit the community; 
             - have the greatest positive impact;
             - are measureable in terms of success.

  • Funding is not generally provided for:

             - Individual or business endeavours;
             - Religious, political organizations or special interest groups;
            -  Advocacy or lobby initiatives; 
            -  Advertising, memberships, ticket sales or lotteries;
             - Salaries or operating costs.

Gamma-Dynacare Donation Request Form [PDF]

More questions?  See our Frequently Asked Questions.

1.     When do you accept proposals?

Requests for support are accepted throughout the year, and are reviewed three times a year in March, July and November.

2.     When will I be contacted about the status of my application?

The request turnaround time depends on the size and complexity of the request, as well as when it is submitted. A Gamma-Dynacare representative may follow up with you if more information is required. 

3.     What is the maximum amount my organization can request?

Requests are considered on a per application basis; however, donation requests higher than $5,000 are not normally considered under this program. 

4.     What if my organization is not a registered Canadian Charity?

Only charities that are registered as a Canadian Charities, and have a Charitable registration number (as provided by the Canada Revenue Agency), are qualified to receive funding.

5.     Do you accept phone solicitations?

No. All applications must be filled out using our donation request form, and emailed to DonationRequest@gamma-dynacare.com

6.     What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about the donation request form, or the Community Giving program, please contact Corporate Communications via email at DonationRequest@gamma-dynacare.com