About Gamma-Dynacare

Gamma-Dynacare is one of Canada's largest and most respected providers of laboratory services and solutions, with more than 50 years of experience serving Canadians.  We operate an integrated, state-of-the-art laboratory system that collects, transports and tests tens of thousands of specimens each day.

Our Operations

Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, Gamma-Dynacare operates five laboratories in Ontario (Brampton, Bowmanville, London, Ottawa and Thunder Bay), two in Quebec (Saint-Laurent and Laval), Manitoba (Winnipeg) and Alberta (Edmonton).  In addition, Gamma-Dynacare operates 200 Patient Services Centres in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Our Patient Services Centres provide many services, including blood collection, urinalysis, ECG, Department of Transportation and allergy testing. Through a nation-wide mobile collection and transportation network, Gamma-Dynacare offers coast-to-coast services to clients and the healthcare industry.

Gamma-Dynacare's 2,400 employees perform more than 50 million tests each year, supporting patients, healthcare professionals and public and private sector clients with the laboratory services and critical information necessary for good health care and health-related decisions.

Our Clients and Services

Our clients include 10 million patients, more than 15,000 healthcare professionals (physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives and dentists), governments, regional health authorities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinical trial sponsors, employers and insurers.

Our community laboratory services support physicians and other healthcare professionals with specimen collection, transportation, testing and results reporting. In addition to physicians, our community laboratory services extend to community care access centres, community health centres and long-term care facilities.

Our clients also include more than 90 hospitals in eight provinces, as well as regional health authorities from British Columbia to Newfoundland.

As one of Canada’s leading providers of hospital reference testing, we offer our clients an expanded testing menu of thousands of individual assays. The range of services that Gamma-Dynacare provides to hospitals also includes cytology, histology and parasitology support, as well as specialized testing in a number of areas, including allergy, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease and oncology.

Our employee health services include health and wellness screening programs, and employment-related drug testing for both regulated (US Department of Transportation – DOT) and non-regulated industries.

We work with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and contract research organizations to manage the laboratory components of drug and diagnostic clinical studies. Services range from creating the laboratory protocol and procedures manuals to designing the collection kits to final results data transfer.

Gamma-Dynacare is the only Canadian-based company that provides full-service insurance screening, with an extensive menu of tests customized to meet the specific needs and reference ranges set by each of our life and health insurance company clients.  MedAxio™ Insurance Medical Services, a division of Gamma-Dynacare, is a leader in medical information collection services to the Canadian life insurance industry.  MedAxio™ has more than 100 employees, utilizes over 1,000 mobile health care professionals across the country and performs approximately 250,000 examinations each year on behalf of a large number of life insurance companies

In 2011, Gamma-Dynacare acquired Laval-based Warnex Medical Laboratories, a division of Warnex Inc., and renamed this division GD Specialized Diagnostics. GD Specialized Diagnostics provides specialized laboratory testing services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.  Its 7,500-square-foot laboratory in Laval services clients across Canada and provides specialized testing including: DNA-oriented tests for predisposition to cancer and other diseases, prenatal tests for Down syndrome, and the PCA3 test for prostate cancer – PCA3 is a non-invasive urine test that is more precise than other available screening tests for this disease.  

Gamma-Dynacare also acquired Warnex’s PRO-DNA Services division, now named Orchid PRO-DNA. Operating out of the same facility, Orchid PRO-DNA provides forensic DNA testing and DNA identification tests to determine paternity, maternity and other family relationships that can be used for legal or immigration purposes.

As one of the largest providers of laboratory testing services in Canada, Gamma-Dynacare is at the forefront of researching, developing and validating innovative new screening and diagnostic tests for introduction into the Canadian marketplace. Our team of scientists has been instrumental in the early delivery of new tests in the areas of allergy, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, paternity, ulcers and other problems of the stomach and intestines, and more.