Welcome to Gamma-Dynacare, and thank you for visiting us. We serve you by performing tests and providing results that help your physician or nurse practitioner screen for, diagnose and manage the treatment of health problems.

We operate more than 200 Patient Services Centre locations in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and have an extensive third-party specimen collection network across Canada. Through our convenient locations and hours of operation, skilled and caring staff and the quality and diversity of services we offer, we strive to make your experience at our laboratory as easy and stress-free as possible.

Tests Requiring an Appointment

Most visits to our Patient Services Centres do not require appointments. Tests that usually, in most locations, require you to make an appointment include:

  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests (GTTs)
  • Lactose and Xylose Tolerance Tests
  • Holter Monitoring  Locations offering Holter monitor testing [PDF]
  • Urea Breath Tests for Helicobacter Pylori
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • US Department of Transportation (DOT) urine procedures 
  • Spermogram (Quebec)

To schedule an appointment, use the Locator tool below to find the Patient Services Centre you wish to visit and then phone the location to make an appointment if necessary.

Patient Services Centre Locator

To find the Gamma-Dynacare Patient Services Centre nearest to you, just select your province (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan) and city/town or enter your postal code. If you do not see a location near you, please contact Customer Service for the closest member site of our national collection network.