For 40 years, Gamma-Dynacare has been helping hospitals improve the quality and delivery of their laboratory services while increasing productivity and reducing costs. By offering a wide range of high-quality testing and laboratory support services, we help hospitals advance their strategic objectives and serve their patients.

A Reputation for Excellence, A Broad Range of Services

Gamma-Dynacare is known coast-to-coast for our creative solutions, flexible business models and attentive customer service. Our comprehensive menu of tests includes thousands of individual assays and specialized testing in such areas as allergy, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease and oncology.

Our broad range of services includes:

  • Single reference testing laboratory for hospitals across Canada;
  • Cytology support, including technical preparation, cytotechnologist screening, pathologist interpretation and quality assurance rescreening;
  • Histology support, including technical preparation and pathologist interpretation;
  • Parasitology support, including technical preparation and medical interpretation;
  • Specialized testing in the areas of allergy, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, oncology and more.

Pathology Services [PDF]

Delivering Convenience and Efficiency

Whether you need support with technical processing, cytology screening or pathology services, we can meet your needs. You can enjoy the convenience of having one point of contact, and the efficiency of having multiple services billed on a single invoice.

Find out more about how Gamma-Dynacare can help you manage and enhance your hospital laboratory services. Email us at,