With five testing laboratories and a country-wide specimen collection network, Gamma-Dynacare provides what matters most in insurance screening: accurate results delivered quickly and securely. That is our commitment to you, so you can focus more on the business of protecting your clients and driving your company to success.

Our Canadian Advantage

We are the only Canadian-based company that provides full-service insurance screening, with an extensive menu of tests customized to meet the specific needs and reference ranges set by each of our insurance clients. Gamma-Dynacare perfoms laboratory testing in Canada, so you can expect to get your results faster − with no risk of delays at the border − and without the added privacy issues associated with the Patriot Act when tests are performed in the US. 

The Gamma-Dynacare Advantage

As a Gamma-Dynacare client, you can feel confident that your tests are being handled with the utmost care, in laboratories accredited by the industry’s most respected institutions. In fact, our main testing laboratories have been accredited by the College of American Pathologists and we achieved the Ontario Laboratory Accreditation program's first perfect score.

As a Gamma-Dynacare client, you will also benefit from:

  • Medical and scientific support from an in-house team of experts
  • Customized collection kits to meet your unique needs
  • Immediate online access to results and reports
  • Bilingual customer service

For more information on our insurance screening services, email insurance@gamma-dynacare.com. Or download our insurance services brochure.

Insurance Services Brochure [PDF]

Solutions for the Canadian Insurance Industry

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Spring 2013 - Kiidney function screening [PDF]

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